How long has Sightsavers been operating, and what kind of impact has it made so far?

MSSW India has been operating for over 57 years since its establishment in 1966 in India. Throughout its history, it has made a significant impact in the field of eye health and disability inclusion. The organisation has played a crucial role in preventing avoidable blindness and promoting disability inclusion. Sightsavers India has conducted numerous eye health programs, surgeries, and treatments, reaching millions of people in need. In little over than the last decade, more than 25,000 visually impaired and blind primary school children have been supported under Sightsavers’ Inclusive Education programme, and over 15,000 people with disabilities have received livelihood or vocational training.

Where does MSSW primarily focus its efforts and initiatives?

MSSW primarily focuses its efforts and initiatives on several key areas. These include preventing avoidable blindness through eye health programs, providing surgical interventions for cataracts and other eye conditions, and promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities. We are committed to building sustainable programme models, which have been endorsed and adopted by the government in our states of operation. Sightsavers focuses on collaborating with various departments of the state governments to scale up operations for Social Inclusion, Inclusive Education and Eye Health—our three core areas of work.

Can I choose a specific project or program to support my donation?

Yes, as a donor, you can choose a specific project or program to support your donation. Sightsavers India offers various projects and initiatives that address different aspects of eye health and disability inclusion. You can explore our website or contact our team to learn more about the specific projects available for support and choose the one that resonates with your interests and priorities.

Can I receive updates on the progress and outcomes of the projects I support?

Absolutely! Sightsavers India values transparency and regularly updates donors on the progress and outcomes of the projects we support. As a donor, you can expect to receive reports, newsletters, and updates on the impact of your contribution. These communications will inform you about the achievements, challenges, and ongoing activities related to your supported projects.

Does MSSW have any partnerships or collaborations with other organisations or governments?

MSSW actively collaborates with other organisations, governments, and stakeholders to maximise its impact and reach. We believe in the power of partnerships and work closely with local governments and non-profit organisations. These collaborations enable us to implement comprehensive programs and create lasting impacts on eye health and disability inclusion.

Are there any tax benefits or advantages for NRI donors donating to Sightsavers?

Yes, you are eligible for tax benefits or advantages as a donor if you have a valid pan card of India. However, consulting with your tax advisor or financial institution is important to understand the tax benefits or advantages applicable to you.

Can I donate in a specific currency, or are there any restrictions on the donation process for NRIs?

MSSW India accepts donations in multiple currencies to facilitate contributions from supporters worldwide. You can donate in a specific currency that is convenient for you. However, to donate in any other currency apart from Indian Rupees, it's advisable to check with Sightsavers or reach out to our support team, as we have specific guidelines in place.

How does Sightsavers measure the impact and success of its projects?

Sightsavers India employs rigorous monitoring and evaluation practices to measure the impact and success of its projects. We use a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods to assess the outcomes and effectiveness of our interventions. This includes tracking the number of people reached, surgeries performed, treatments provided, and improved quality of life for individuals with disabilities. Sightsavers India also conducts research, collects data, and collaborates with external experts to ensure our programs are evidence-based and achieve sustainable impact.

What kind of transparency and accountability practices does Sightsavers have in place?

Transparency and accountability are fundamental principles for Sightsavers India. We have robust practices to ensure transparency in our operations and finances. The organisation undergoes independent audits and evaluations to maintain accountability to our donors, partners, and the communities We serve. Sightsavers publishes annual reports and financial statements on our website, providing detailed information about our programs, achievements, and financial management. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of governance and transparency.

Can I set up a recurring donation to support MSSW ongoing efforts?

You can certainly set up a recurring donation to support MSSW' ongoing efforts. Recurring donations provide valuable, sustained support, enabling the organisation to effectively plan and implement long-term programs. You can visit the MSSW website and select monthly donation as an option for setting up a recurring donation based on your convenience.

What are MSSW impact and notable achievements?

MSSW has numerous success stories and notable achievements highlighting our impact and transformative work. Some examples include: Our Impact MSSW has examined 55 million people for eye problems since 1966 36.4 million eye treatments have been provided, including spectacles 6 million operations have been performed to treat conditions such as cataracts Our Achievements MSSW India received the award of 1A rating from CRISIL MSSW India was Great Place to Work Certified for two years in a row, awarded under the ‘Non-Profit and Charity Organisations. More than 10,000 organisations from over 62 countries apply for this award. MSSW India received Grand Thornton Sabera 2020 Award in the ‘Shiksha’ category for its education efforts during the pandemic. On the occasion of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, MSSW India won the Mahatma Award for Social Good 2019. MSSW India won the prestigious ICC Social Impact award felicitated by the Indian Chamber of Commerce in 2019 in the Health Domain category for our Sundarbans Eye Health Service Strengthening Project. These are just a few examples of MSSW significant impact and achievements over the years. Our website and reports provide more inspiring stories and detailed accounts of our achievements.

How can I contact MSSW if I have more questions or need further information before donating?

If you have more questions or need further information before making your donation, you can easily get in touch with MSSW. We have various contact channels, including email, phone, and social media. You can reach out at: +91-7281964979 or Toll free: +91-7281964979. Our dedicated support team will be happy to assist you and address any queries or concerns you may have.
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